Humboldt & Area Attractions

Image of Assumption Church in Marysburg, SK

Assumption Church
Rebuilt in 1920-21, after a cyclone destroyed the original church during construction, this large country church is decorated with paintings by the celebrated German artist Berthold Imhoff. The church features a statue of the Assumption, as well as the original 400 pound bell. Stained glass windows adorn the church, which is still used for services and concerts.
Located in Marysburg, 16 km north east of Humboldt.
Phone: (306) 682-3543

Image of the Benson-Hingly Museum

Benson-Hingly Museum
War destroys but war also defines. Through its extensive collection, the impact of war is remembered and preserved at the award winning Benson-Hingley Military Museum. Come and experience for yourself what young men and women experienced as wartime demands changed Canada forever. In remembering may we never forget!
Located at the Royal Canadian Legion, 324 Main Street,
Phone: (306)682-5901 to arrange a visit.

Image of Downtown Heritage Murals

Downtown Heritage Murals
Humboldt's historic downtown is filled with murals that celebrate our unique and storied heritage. Much of the artwork was funded by citizens who wanted to preserve a lost way of life and honour our ancestors. The murals were created by local artists and other well-known artists brought in for the privilege of creating these lasting masterpieces.
Take a walk downtown and enjoy our artwork, our community and our people.

Image of Humboldt & Area Vintage Club

Humboldt & Area Vintage Club truly an agricultural museum from the 1900 – 1960 years. The main exhibit area houses tractors from 1927 – 1954, threshing machines, and other farm implements. There is also an original smithy with a forge, anvil and other blacksmith equipment. Once a year hundreds of people come to watch demonstrations of threshing, wood sawing, feed grinding, cow milking, and other old fashioned farm activities. Viewing is available throughout the year by appointment.
Located 3 miles south of Humboldt on Hwy #20.
Phone: (306) 682-3053

Image of the Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery

Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery
The Humboldt and District Museum welcomes you to discover the stories of our community in our fully accessible national historic site. The Humboldt and District Gallery boasts a variety of local and travelling art and community based exhibits at 601 Main Street. Both the Museum and Gallery are open year-round: Tuesday to Saturday - 1 – 5 pm with extended hours in July and August. Located at the corner of Main Street & 6th Avenue.
Phone: (306) 682-5226

Image of Humoboldt's Historic Water Tower

Humboldt's Historic Water Tower
Humboldt's Historic Water Tower, built in 1915, is one of only four such structures remaining in the province. The design is striking due to its resemblance of a coastal lighthouse. Tours are available on weekends during July and August or by appointment.
Located at #407 - 3rd Avenue.
Phone: (306) 682-5226 to arrange a tour.


Image of the Kloppenburg Wildlife Refuge

Kloppenburg Wildlife Refuge
The refuge protects a piece of aspen parkland typical of central Saskatchewan. What makes this area special is that it has been left in a natural state and has never been broken for agriculture. A network of informal trails covers the 160 acre piece of land. Enjoy bird watching, photographing wildflowers and relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. Watch for signs on Hwy #5 west of Humboldt, the refuge is 3 km south.
Located a few minutes south of Humboldt.
Phone: (306) 682-2913

Image of a statue at Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel
Named after the famous landmark in Israel, is the highest spot in the district rising to a height of 1,987 feet above sea level. The mount was dedicated to Mary in 1928 and an Italian carrara marble statue of the Virgin Mary was placed on the hill. In 1938 a stone chapel & altar were constructed.
Located 6 km north of Carmel. 15 km west and 3 km north of Humboldt.

Image of the Original Humboldt Site

Original Humboldt Site
The history of the Humboldt region is an integral aspect of our Canadian heritage. The first building in the area was the Humboldt Telegraph Station which became an important communication link in the development of western Canada.
Located 8 km southwest of Humboldt, west on Hwy. #5,
south 3 kms on Telegraph Road. Phone: (306) 682-5226

Image of St. Peter's Abbey

St. Peter's Abbey
Just outside of Muenster is the Benedictine Monastery of St. Peter's Abbey. The Abbey is located on an acreage with evergreens planted by the monks, and beautiful nature trails for prayer and meditation. Visit Sts. Peter & Paul Church with its pipe organ and stained glass.
Located in Muenster.
Phone: (306) 682-1777

Image of St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral
This historic cathedral features painting by the celebrated German artist Berthold Imhoff. The sanctuary features 80 life-sized figures. The 14 Stations of the Cross line the walls; the statues were a gift of St. John's Abbey, Minnesota, from where several of the pioneer monks came.
Located .5 km north of Muenster.
Phone: (306) 682-1777